Anonymous: Stereotype is one of my faves. I wouldn't mind that as a single. Shit. Even Do Better. Drown In It. Songs on 12 Play. ANYTHING BUT ADD ME IN.

I just want him to stick to his next single. Cause X is/was a single and idek what he’s doing with it..

petition for Lost In Ya Love to be our new national anthem.

watch Chris swerve us all and choose Stereotype.


If he knows what’s good, he pick Came To FUCKING Do cause LOOK.

Came To Do is Loyal 2.0 even though it’s a bop, so no. It’s fall and niggas tryna cuff, so Drunk Texting.

#even I want LIYL    


my life flashed in front of my eyes with that photoset

we’re gonna fuckin die

meet me in the traaaaaa, it’s goin diiiiiiiii


Chis with fans this afternoon at Nordstrom store at The Grove.

i wonder what chris is buying me from nordstrom