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I DO NOT follow back. If you ask me to check out your blog, i will but that isn’t a guaranteed follow. And NO, I will not give you a shout out, ew.

- where do you get your Chris Brown pictures?

- what do you use to edit your pictures?

- are you chris/do you know him?

  • NO

- why’d you unfollow me?

  • you annoyed me, you said some rude shit about my faves or you haven’t updated in awhile.

- how do you sharpen your gifs?

  • filter > sharpen > smart sharpen > amount; 500 radius: 0.3
-what is chris’ instagram?
  • it was fuckyopictures but he deleted it :( HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE ANYMORE.

anymore questions, just ask. DONT SEND FANMAIL.