Chris follows Bobby Shmurda which means he’s gotta bust his shmoney dance sooner or later

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH IM PSYCHIC

Omg MR/TI was. my. shit. Best fanfic ever.
— Anonymous

yes lawd. summer 2011 was poppin

You get ma submission? - Ray
— Anonymous

you called him fatty, I gotta drag you ray

Yo lol cb really is fat now
— Anonymous

it’s funny when a broke nigga comment on anon! get a sandwich u unhealthy face ass!

loyal is platinum nigga bitch

What's the link to Marvin's room. I wanna read!
— Anonymous

it has a sequel (trust issues) so just start from here

You finally got the pics nigga! Bae and them chubs tho.. He cute !
— Anonymous

Very. ugh I wanna hug him

is he referring to his penis or his face as the banana boat? i’ll ride either one

What is ur bio?
— Anonymous
Where did chris say "Get a sandwich you unhealthy face ass"?
— Anonymous

in an instagram comment