The cigarettes make me so mad!!
— Anonymous

the fact that I didn’t even notice them because i was busy thinking of different ways to ride his face



Chris arriving to the kickball game earlier


Chris Brown, Quincy & King Bach


These two >


@kyliejenner : I might be coach on #teamquincy but I can still rep #teambreezy right? 😁😁 shhh”

Who do you think Chris looks better with kerueche(however it's spelt) or Rihanna

i think he looks better with me but he playin

do you know any websites to download music? like one that won't mess up my computer or whatever
— Anonymous


I don't think chris really needed the nose ring. He's still fine without it
— Anonymous

ofc he didn’t need it, but he’s fine as hell with it

uh1issuh replied to your post:

the nose ring is the greatest thing to happen to chris since chris


fuckmugglepictures replied to your post:

Wooh shit I was waiting, now if he could get rid of that nose ring, I will hear the sound of God and give myself to thee!

you’ve lost your mind

is it me or does Chris say "motherfucker" really sexily. like, he says it so beautifully
— Anonymous

and baby, and fuhh dat

Heyyy Wherea that breezy surgeon thing from? Xx
— Anonymous
I know you be getting my other messages and never post them 😒 - Ray
— Anonymous

what messages nigga