I have tears in my eyes and my mom is laughing at me. This is why I don’t claim her


Chris & Tyga at the 2014 VMAs

“Can we just skip ahead to Beyoncé?”
— Everyone watching the VMA Awards (via rihenna)


Chris Brown, Tyga & J Lo Tonight At The VMAs

this is what I hate sometimes. Chris was seated next to Sam smith but NO him and tyga wants to arrive as a couple. Him and Sam better still get a picture


i love my mom she’s one of my problematic favs

August 23rd: Chris Brown leaving 1Oak club after gun shots were heard inside in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said:
is ariana grande still ft on dbgtl since it didnt say on the tracklist?

i don’t know, maybe they’ll add her later. we’ll have to see. 

why is lady in a glass dress a damn interlude? do i have to fight chris brown?