Have you seen the tmz picture of Chris Brown shirtless?
— Anonymous


tip toe wing in my jawwdinz
tip toe wing in my fawreign

Apparently Chris wants Rihanna back. I love them together but I think it's best that they are apart.
— Anonymous

meesh caught a body bout a week ago, fuck wit us and then we tweakin ho

my worst fear is looking ugly in a picture with my fave

What bobby schmurda song is that?
— Anonymous

hot nigga


Chris follows Bobby Shmurda which means he’s gotta bust his shmoney dance sooner or later

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH IM PSYCHIC

Omg MR/TI was. my. shit. Best fanfic ever.
— Anonymous

yes lawd. summer 2011 was poppin

You get ma submission? - Ray
— Anonymous

you called him fatty, I gotta drag you ray

Yo lol cb really is fat now
— Anonymous

it’s funny when a broke nigga comment on anon! get a sandwich u unhealthy face ass!